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Maturity Build Status Activity

🔶 NOTICE: CushyStudio is still in development. It updates and breaks often. We are working hard to make a stable version. Current Focus is fixing the lack of variosu error message related to missing custom ComfyUI nodes 🔶

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🖥️ Cushy Studio: A modern and cross-platform software to Play and Work with Generative AI Art. Explore and build generative Apps. 🌠 Image, 🎥 Video, and 🧊 3d. Welcome to the future.

💎 Cushy Apps: Self-contained, use-case-centric applications with dedicated UIs that make generative art simple for everyone. Find the app for you need in the Cushy Library, from general-purpose Apps to very specific ones for dedicated use cases.

🚀 Cushy SDK: Automate your work or tackle specific use cases by building your own App. CushyStudio is packed with power-user tools to support you in building the “app” of your dreams. Once ready, share it with the world through the cushy app library.

☀️ Cushy Cloud: A cloud GPU renting service is launching soon so you can play with any demanding app, even on mobile devices. Fair prices to fund the CushyStudio growth, and grow the community. Growing the community includes revenue sharing with app creators when users rent GPU to use their app.

🎓 Cushy Foundation: Cushy is made to last. Free and Open source. It builds on proven technologies like ComfyUI, Stable Diffusion, FFmpeg, or ImageMagick. It features an extensible core and a professional UI with dockable panes. It is LLM-friendly. The project is early, but I’m (rvion) committed to growing this. If you like this, please, sponsor my work:


  1. Requirements:
    1. NodeJS (18 or higher)
    2. ComfyUI (local, remote, or cloud)
    3. Git (to install via git)
  2. run those commands in a terminal (< 10 seconds to complete):

     git clone --depth 1
     cd CushyStudio
     npm install
     npm start


media 1: CushyStudio

media 2: CushyStudio gallery

  • a list of apps ready to be used
    • Apps with the Cushy Action label are native CushyApps using the CushyStudio SDK.
    • Apps with the ComfyUI label are auto-imported ComfyUI workflow with an autogenerated interface added on top.
    • Apps with the A1111 label are imported images from Automatic1111. they use a custom Static Badge

media 3: ComfyUI on steroids

media 4: Sample Video (placeholder until real video)